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About the Band

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What do a bunch of talented musicians do when they are done work for the day? They get together in the Carriage House Studio, plug in and get lost in the music. The Cudas are an East Windsor, New Jersey based hard rock band that blend strong friendships and creative artistry into a fun mix of original and familiar songs. Focused on the concept of a being a good stage performance, the quartet enjoys writing their own music while putting their unique stamp on the songs they cover. On stage, members Jeff Stephens (percussion), Rich Iavarone (guitar-vocals), Brian O'Leary (guitar-vocals) and Tony Iavarone (bass-lead vocals) are reminiscent of pre-video era power rock bands.

The Cudas however, are not a throw-back to classic rock. Their sound and formula is a unique product of the quartet's creative collaborative efforts. The four members of the group have been together for over three years developing their music and style. Influences can be heard from new and classic styles alike. The core of their music has a hard drive with a thoughtful melody and arrangement displayed with technical expertise in their few softer moments.

Their first album The Carriage House EP draws you in with a groove, hooks you with drive and with Do the Right Thing ends with a well-balanced attack of groove, drive and melody. Their sound is their own with quality ideas for what music entertainment should be for working-class grown-ups. The driving beats and melodies of The Cudas' originals Ride Far Away and Lost in the Music would easily blend with any modern or classic rock station format.

Each member has a strong history of musical performance. Jeff Stephens started off playing chopsticks while listening to Steve Smith of Journey. He graduated to a real set, made a bunch of noise in a high school punk band and now plays a Roland kit. Jeff is inspired by Steve Smith, Ian Mosley of Marillion and bands such as Muse and Interpol. He views himself as a perpetual student and wants to give back to the music world while on the journey with The Cudas.

Guitarist Rich Iavarone cranks out strong guitar rhythms that define hard rock music for the faithful. Influences include Ace Frehley, Dave Davies, Dick Dale, Greg Ginn, Billy Gibbons and many others in between. An obsessive tone freak and gear head, he excels at getting just the right sound for any situation. Rich loves to chop out a groove to keep the songs solid, but he is not shy about breaking out a screaming lead to keep things interesting.

Brian O'Leary also plays guitar and adds melodic musical rhythms to lineup. His style is diverse and he is occasionally known to invent strange new rhythms. Brian's influences are a collage of Blues, Progressive Rock, Alternative and Grunge. A technophile at heart, he is always experimenting to bring new sounds to the rock scene.

The bass lines of Tony Iavarone focus the music with a strong driving bottom and fast grooving riffs which keep the crowd shaking. Influences include Gene Simmons, Paul McCartney and Geddy Lee. His vocals boast a broad range with intent on strong melodic presence. Tony's songwriting and arrangement focus give The Cudas songs a polished sheen.

The Cudas are available for parties, shows, festivals and charity events. Three hours of music can be provided. To contact The Cudas, please email thecudasband@gmail.com or call (609) 630-0501.